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Vendors - Brass


Real-time Market Intelligence

Software vendors work with Brass to get better. Brass has an unprecedented glimpse into the opinions of category experts and the needs of your prospects.

Consumer Needs Analysis

Your consumers have needs that are ever-changing. These are easy to capture with your customers but difficult to predict with your prospects. Brass Needs Analysis offer real-time intelligence based on what your prospects look for in your category.

Expert Analysis

The Brass Confidence Score is calculated based on expert and user feedback regarding your product and service. Work with Brass to understand how you stack up within your category. Sales teams leverage this marketing intelligence in order to highlight your strengths and product teams use this data to fill your product weaknesses.

Product Roadmap

Brass is always one-step ahead with its recommendations. The Brass Product Roadmap Program gives your team an opportunity to share what you are working on. This program includes a 1-hr video conference, every month, so ensure that Brass is up-to-speed with your evolving product goals.

Brass Commitment to Independence

Brass is an unbiased, independent technology for software evaluations. We help our customers evaluate and purchase best-of-breed softwares. We do not discuss, disclose, or alter our software recommendations based on a relationship with a software vendor.

For all vendor related questions, please reach out to vendors@go-brass.com.

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