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Recommend vs. Review - Brass

Recommend vs. Review

Review sites are broken.

When evaluating software, most consumers start with review sites. However, when evaluating a software on a review site, you are bound to find stale reviews, conflicting opinions, and confusing lists showing feature parity.

The Problem with Review Sites

Options, Options, Options

Most software categories have 10+ software vendors to choose from. With all of those options, comes a lot of demos and huge time commitment for your evaluation.

Conflicting Opinions

Software review sites are everywhere and they are filled with opinions. However, the onus is on the customer to find the relevant information. By sifting through information overload, you are bound to find conflicting information—stalling your evaluation.


Review sites have a conflict of interest: they are providing vendor information to potential customers, but oftentimes, the vendors need to pay the review site in order to have a presence on the site. Evaluate with unbiased, independent information.

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