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Target Account Customer Acquisition

How it Works

Eliminate hours from your software evaluation.

You want to buy software, but you don’t want to talk to sales rep after sales rep—right? Just tell Brass what you need in a software and we will help you come to a purchasing decision. Our team of software evaluation experts have dissected all of the top vendors and have stack-ranked their strengths and weaknesses based on your needs.

Save Time.

Evaluating software is a time-consuming process. Multiple products, countless features, and a bunch of hungry sales reps. Brass finds the best fit solution for you, so you can stay focused on your business.

Get Expert Advice.

Brass believes that having a stance is critical to an evaluation. Instead of sifting through hundreds of conflicting reviews, start with an expert’s recommendation. Every recommendation is instant, free, and based on your needs. Each report contains 4 vendors that are worth evaluating based on your need analysis.

For Free.

Brass evaluation and buying services are free for our users. Brass makes money by providing anonymous market intelligence to vendors to help them build better products. So, let us know how we can help you in your evaluation and we will make it a top priority.

What should you do with your recommendation?

Recommendations help consumers simplify and operationalize the software buying process. We also believe that consumers should do their own diligence prior to making a software selection. Brass is best used as a tool to understand our team’s sentiment regarding a software category and vendor. However, this should not be the sole determinant in your software selection. We strive to provide honest, independent and free recommendations for the software community.

Get instant expert software recommendations -- for free.

Take it for a Spin
  • Brass helped me narrow my vendor short-list down to 2, which saved my marketing department 10 hours of evaluation.  -Ken Moreland, radardigital.com
  • My team is not allowed to purchase software, unless it has been recommended by Brass. It's that smart. -John Rizzo, Vaetas.com
  • Brass is my b2b match-maker...they know what I need and understand what I want. Now if only I could use Brass for my dating life. Thank you! -John Sherer, appcues.com
  • Choosing the right CRM is a daunting task. When we began our evaluation planning, we identified 6 different vendors. Each vendor requested an intro call, a discovery call, and at least 2 demonstrations. We found Brass and were able to get a proper CRM recommendation in 2 minutes. -Beau Burns, vida-flo.com

Need help evaluating & purchasing software?

Brass can help you navigate a complicated process, for free.

Have a question? Get in touch, info@go-brass.com