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Instant Software Recommendations

Brass doesn’t review software—we recommend what you should buy, based on what you need. Recommendations are determined by data gathered from our network of category experts and will always be unbiased, independent, and free.

CRM Recommender

The CRM space is rooted with incumbents that possess the majority of the market share but the landscape is rapidly shifting. Dozens of software vendors have sprouted up offering low-cost (sometimes even free) solutions, while some companies have taken a focused approach and specialized in certain categories. Which CRM are you paired with?

Marketing Automation Recommender

Marketing Automation has become a staple addition to the software suite. The ability to send targeted, tailored messaging to prospects has serious impact on revenue. Marketing automation providers vary in specialty. The top providers are typically segmented based on industry focus as well as size of your marketable database. Who’s your marketing automation match?

Sales Automation Recommender

Sales automation streamlines and standardizes the productivity of salespeople. From triggering automated sales emails to recording and analyzing sales calls, sales automation is catching the attention of sales executives. In fact, it is hard to find a growth-stage company that hasn’t considered sales automation. Which vendor is the best fit for your company?

Lead Generation Recommender

The lead generation category is comprised of software vendors that have built up vast databases of quality contact and company information. The ones that we recommend are pulling in firmographic and technographic data points while using machine learning, AI, and/or human verification to ensure the data is clean and accurate. Some vendors in this category also offer automation tools that allow you to seamlessly connect with these contacts.

Account-Based Marketing Recommender

Account-based Marketing, referred to as ABM, is a hot topic in marketing. Think of ABM as the inverse of inbound marketing. Instead of casting a wide awareness funnel, ABM provides a platform to target specific personas in targeted companies. This approach is geared to sales teams that have a relatively high average contract value and those who have implemented a target account sales methodology.

Dialer Software Recommender

Dialer software helps sales teams get more out of every dialer. From automated voicemails to detailed analytics on phone call efficiency, dialer technology can help take your sales floor up a notch. This outbound call tracking is best for transactional teams that require a high level of phone activity.

Data Enrichment Recommender

Data enrichment providers help teams improve the quality and reliability of their databases. Most often, this is used to clean or improve purchase lists and the overall health of a company’s CRM data. Data enrichment is most often leveraged when a company’s database surpasses 10k+ contacts.

Sales Analytics Recommender

Sales analytics help keep the pulse of a sales team. This includes monitoring team-wide productivity but also provides visibility into the productivity of individual contributors. Typically, sales analytics tools are used in conjunction with a CRM and help provide an added level of reporting.

Sales Enablement Recommender

Sales enablement is a hot buzzword in the software sales stack. Enablement tools act as a repository for marketing and sales teams, to help ensure that company collateral is accurate and accessible. Content repositories come in handy for larger sales teams–especially those with a field presence.

Demand Generation Recommender

Leads, leads, leads. Demand generation tools help marketers increase and improve their top of the funnel efforts. Demand generation is wide in scope and is most frequently leveraged to maintain a constant stream of marketing qualified leads to the sales team.