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Your software evaluation process just got a whole lot easier. Brass provides free, instantaneous expert recommendations–based on your needs.

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Brass provides recommendations for a wide variety of software categories. Before we can make a recommendation, we need to learn about you and your company. The Brass Needs Analysis helps ensure that we make a smart recommendation, based on your needs.

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Brass compares your specific needs to the strengths and weaknesses of the software vendors. The strengths and weaknesses are determined by Brass’ network of industry experts, which have spent dozens of years buying, selling, and evaluating software.

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As you finalize your software evaluation, Brass can help you seamlessly procure the chosen software. Brass offers a handful of free solutions to help you buy the right software, for the right price. Speak to an expert, check for discounts, or have Brass join your vendor sales calls.

We’ve seen it all before and can help you, for free.

  • My team is not allowed to purchase software, unless it has been recommended by Brass. It's that smart. -John Rizzo,
  • Brass helped me narrow my vendor short-list down to 2, which saved my marketing department 10 hours of evaluation.  -Ken Moreland,
  • Brass is my b2b match-maker...they know what I need and understand what I want. Now if only I could use Brass for my dating life. Thank you! -John Sherer,
  • Choosing the right CRM is a daunting task. When we began our evaluation planning, we identified 6 different vendors. Each vendor requested an intro call, a discovery call, and at least 2 demonstrations. We found Brass and were able to get a proper CRM recommendation in 2 minutes. -Beau Burns,

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